About Me

My name is Caterina Anitei. Friends and family call me Caty. I am a 27 year old female from Romania. I recently got married to an Egyptian man whom I met online, in a game we both play and share as a common hobby. It hasn’t been long since I started my blog either which is mainly a glimpse into my life, a blog about my adventures getting married in Egypt and about all the things that I love: books and reading, foods, drinks and restaurant reviews, traveling, nature and animals, photography, spirituality, questions that I stumble upon as I advance through life, sometimes with answers, other times without. My interests are many and varied , they go beyond the topics I posted about so far. What else can I tell you…I love my husband and my baby cat, Zumix :). Well, Zumix is my 6 year old ‘baby’ cat. You know how children always remain young and helpless in their parents’ eyes :p .