Sequoia – Middle Eastern Restaurant, Greek Restaurant,Barbeque Restaurant – Review

Sequoia is a Middle Eastern, Greek and Barbeque Restaurant located on the side of the Nile, on 53 Abo El Feda Street, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. I have only been once to this restaurant, in February 2016 with my husband, family and friends. One of our friends had made a reservation prior to our going there. It was such a cozy delicious and amazing experience that I promised myself to stop by that restaurant again,whenever opportunity arises and to recommend it further to whoever is interested in a classy and chic taste of Egypt! Sequoia is the perfect blend of modern and traditional.

From personal experience I recommend Sequoia for the following reasons:

  1. – good location;
  2. – amazing view;
  3. – delicious food – I had ‘Hawawshi’ (spicy meat in Arabic bread) and ‘Mini Meat Shawerma’ that cost 59 L.E. and respectively 63 L.E.
  4. – cozy atmosphere, that can also be intimate or romantic, depending on what you need and on what table you choose :);
  5. – really fast service;
  6. – fairly good prices based on the food variety and drinks they offered;
  7. – magical at night;
  8. – most amazing ‘sheesha’.

As a negative, although it didn’t happen to me, I read some people’s comments regarding the phone reservations. Several people complained on Sequoia‘s Facebook page saying that they had a few issues regarding the phone reservations. To Sequoia‘s defense, they actually replied to every comment, good or bad, asking for more details regarding the incidents in question and promised to improve. 

You can check their website here, Sequoia or their Facebook page here, Sequoia FB.

Phone number: +202 27 35 00 14

Unfortunately I only took 2 photographs that night which I will of course put in my mini gallery below but most of the photographs do not belong to me, nor or they taken by me. I linked them from Sequoia‘s website and Facebook page.

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