The Beautiful Side of Egypt – Egypt through My Eyes

!! The first photograph in my mini gallery at the bottom of my post was shot and belongs to Stuart Freedman, an extremely talented photographer who was kind enough to let me put this one photo here. The reason I wanted his photograph here is because I feel it expresses so well my love for coffee and it fits the spirit of Khan-el-Khalili (although it wasn’t taken there) and therefore, partially, the spirit of Egypt :). You can find the exact photograph here A man makes coffee and tea behind the bar of the Tahrir Cafe, Cairo, Egypt SFE_130125_226.jpg and more information about mister Stuart Freedman here Stuart Freedman.

The photographs under which I didn’t give credit to someone else were taken by me during my stay in Egypt.

I was looking forward to writing about the beautiful side of Egypt,too, the things that entered my soul to stay and which I love and for which I will want to go back again and again.

I have always been fascinated by ancient civilizations, history, mythology, nature, spirituality, humanity and contrasts because what is light without the dark?

And Egypt is all of this! So different from my native country…and yet a colourful mysterious curious spiritual and full of contrasts country!

One of my favourite places in Cairo is Khan-el-Khalili. One can find anything in that amazing open market, but that is not even the point. If you are like me then you will also enjoy simply witnessing and feeling Egypt. Yes, you can get a glimpse and a fast feel of Egypt in Khan-el-Khalili. I love just looking, walking, drinking ‘lemoun ba na’na’ (mint lemonade) or a coffee…my delicious Turkish coffee,making my way through the crowd, eating a ‘falafel’ or a a traditional warm, fluffy, tasty bread next to tens or hundreds of other people,shopping for a colourful shawl or a belly dancing outfit or trying a new ‘Sheesha’ (waterpipe) flavour (by the way, I recommend mint lemon is amazing!!). Analyzing all the passerbys, their clothes, their actions, their gestures…trying to guess their thoughts, their purpose, their history, their next moves, their story! 🙂 

I feel that by looking into someone’s eyes I get to see a piece of them, to look straight into their soul…even if only for a few short seconds!

For a conclusion, I will let you see some of the photos I took in Khan-el-Khalili, which I feel it represents the heart of Cairo itself.

More about Caty

I am Cati. I am a 27 year old female from Romania. I recently got married to an Egyptian man whom I met online, in a game we are both playing and share as a common hobby. My blog is about my life, my experience with getting married in Egypt, and about all the things I love, books and reading, foods, drinks and reviews of restaurants, traveling, nature and animals, photography, spirituality, questions that I ask myself, sometimes with answers, other times without one. My interests are many and varied, they go beyond what I posted about so far. I love my husband and I love my baby cat, Zumix :). Well...Zumix is my 6 year old 'baby' cat! You know, children always remain young in their parents' eyes :p.


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    Buna si sarbatori fericite! As vrea sa vb in privat despre visa si rezidenta sotului meu egiptean in Romania. Multumesc frumos.

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    Impressive! I’m amazed at how nicely you use words to get your point across. I would be interested in reading far more of your work.

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    Thanks for finally writing about >The Beautiful Side of Egypt – Egypt through My Eyes <Loved it!

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