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It is said that when it rains God cries for our sins and in that way He washes us, He purifies us. I have always loved rain, I have never been afraid or uncomfortable, I have never backed out of rain. I rarely used an umbrella and when I did it was only to protect something important, like a book or some words on a paper. Not myself! I do not see rain as something to protect myself or run away from.

I have always liked to feel rain running on my skin. Paradoxically, what a shelter, haven and a confidante I found in rain! Rain embraces us, it protects us from any shame, in the middle of the rain all the walls we build daily collapse, we can afford to be vulnerable once more…we can let our tears run loose and no one will ever know, notice or judge…hot tears that become one with the raindrops.

I have always felt fully the purifying effect of rain and I have loved the sound of my steps on the wet pavement. I still love that sound. It helps me put my thoughts in order. When it rains heavily most of the times the streets are almost deserted. It is quiet. For a few seconds, minutes, maybe hours it is quiet. And the sound of my steps on the pavement is very soothing, relaxing. Not to forget the summer showers! How much I miss them…I miss taking off my shoes and walking barefoot! The sensations!  The steam coming out the hot pavement, the scorched earth! It feels so good when walking barefoot one connects directly not only to the land, but to nature itself. One gets closer to God. Everything smells different, everything looks different. Other colours,deeper scents, clearer, easier to differentiate and identify, but also that specific, unique fragrance, of moist soil. I miss it all so much!… Walking in the Rain (Sound Effect) 

I will end this post with a matching melody that I got to love a lot Rain by Dax Johnson.

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I am Cati. I am a 27 year old female from Romania. I recently got married to an Egyptian man whom I met online, in a game we are both playing and share as a common hobby. My blog is about my life, my experience with getting married in Egypt, and about all the things I love, books and reading, foods, drinks and reviews of restaurants, traveling, nature and animals, photography, spirituality, questions that I ask myself, sometimes with answers, other times without one. My interests are many and varied, they go beyond what I posted about so far. I love my husband and I love my baby cat, Zumix :). Well...Zumix is my 6 year old 'baby' cat! You know, children always remain young in their parents' eyes :p.

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